COIL Design workshop

Next workshop: August 6th to September 10th, 2021.

New workshop sessions will be opened when the minimum number of attendees is reached. Please, write to to let us know your interest and preferred dates.    

§ This is an asynchronous online workshop oriented to provide to participants, all the knowledge required to offer a COIL course. It includes main aspects of the COIL methodology as well as coaching from experts to design the COIL component to be implemented simultaneously in Mexico and the United States.
§ The workshop includes access to the PIC US-MX educational platform and live sessions every week for interacting with instructors and other participants.  In addition, participants are able to communicate anytime with instructors for individual advice.  At the end of the workshop, participants must present the complete design of activities to be accomplished during the COIL component.
§ Participants must have a teaching partner for being accepted into these workshops.  It is recommended to participate in this workshop during the academic term before the COIL component will be offered.
    * Please note, that the number of seats is limited.