How do I become member of AMPEI?
Complete the following steps:

1.- Send an email with your intention to join AMPEI to a copy to

2.- You will receive an email from with the enrollment form, the description of the types of memberships, the costs and the banking data to proceed to make your payment.

3.- Once your payment has been made, send the enrollment form with the requested information and the receipt of payment to with a copy to

4.- To finalize the process, you will receive an email of confirmation from with the confirmation of your payment and the corresponding invoice will be attached (estimated time 5 days).

What is the cost of AMPEI membership?

There are two types of AMPEI membership, their costs in 2020, are

 Institutional Membership (up to 5 authorized members) :

§     $8,000.00 mxn for new members, and $8,000.00 mxn renewal

Individual membership (1 member):

§     $3,500.00 mxn for new members, and $2,500.00 renewal